Project and Documents

The people of Leo offered the land to Gangteng Rinpoche for the construction of the monastery. A committee for the construction was formed and the organization “Institute Urgyen Choling” was registered.

The main objectives of the committee are:

  1. Opening of Tibetan Language Teaching Institute in village Leo and protect the Pema Lingpa Lineage.
  2. Development and extention of the blok of Leo Urgyen Chholing (Gonpa and Teaching Institute).
  3. To help for the renovation of Buddist Temples, Stoops, Mani Walls, which are situated at District Kinnaur and other Himalayan Range.
  4. Time to time organize seminars and workshops for the local persons of Leo and District Kinnaur.
  5. Necessary actions are to be taken for the fulfillment of the objectives of the society.

The initial project documentation is finished. The project consists of the Temple and its surrounding buildings – living rooms for the monks, classrooms, and other necessary facilities.

The construction process has already begun! A road leading to the future monastery was built and now the ground is being prepared.